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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Consent to Harm, Part 2

Below is a link to an interview I gave to the CBC about consent and sex work. I'm not super thrilled about the title (I don't consider sex work harmful), and I'm not thrilled about how my self-esteem issues were sort of framed as connected to sex work - because sex work, and being able to independently lift myself out of poverty (and other aspects), dramatically increased my self-esteem. But given the raw data she had to work with, and level of honesty with which I spoke to the interviewer, I'm not surprised. I also don't think it was intentional. Those two criticisms aside, I'm VERY happy with the show in general. The anti-sex work academic at the end did get called a few names, though.

I am very grateful that the CBC is talking about these issues without framing sex work as inherently exploitative, and I love that they centred the voices of a cash-poor sex worker (me), a BDSM and sex educator (Andrea Zanin), and of a sex work positive professor (Brenda Cossman).

I'm mostly just pleased with how non-rambly I sound. She took some pretty disjointed talking and made it coherent! Have a listen over here at my website, Enjoy.

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