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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seduction Instruction

In a most particular order
Not one step shorter
Start it off with a stellar vernacular
Show me you're spectacular
Let your feminism shine
Ask me about mine
Honestly state your intentions
Disclose any infections
Accidentally graze my finger
Allow your gaze to linger
On my eyes, not my chest
Ask me what I like best
Assure me you're a cunnilinguist
Offer to demonstrate on my pinkest
When you can't stand the electricity
Request permission to kiss me
Start with my lips, move to my lobe
Stiffen as I unbutton my robe
Flick my nipples with your tongue
From your shorts you will have sprung
Ask me to lie down, remove my pants
Swipe my folds lightly with your hands
When I'm engorged, lick my clit
Maintain a swirling motion, just for a bit
Until my entire body is shaking
And your balls are aching
Bring your dick up to my lips
Unwrap a condom as I lick the tip
Roll it on and get in position
On top of or behind me, and push slowly in
Until my I push back and moan fervently
Then fuck me faster, harder, urgently
Until you holler and expand inside
Awaiting more, our time we'll bide

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