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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Tomorrow I'll resume
Getting through

But tonight
How I miss you

Inhaling your smell
Your soapy skin

Your brown eyes
The dimple on your chin

The one I poked
With my finger

To make you laugh
And your gaze linger

Kissing the scars
On your perfect thigh

Squeezing you
Hearing you sigh

The way your cock jumped
Every time we'd embrace

How you fucked me
Your beautiful face

I still feel my mouth
Nuzzling your neck

Whole days in bed
Our bodies erect

Two hour hugs
Your obsessive bathing

Your laugh, your voice
To hear you praying

That tingling feeling
I only feel with you

Your lips, those eyes
Feeling you tingle too

I know my only choice
Was to let you go

But tonight I can't ignore
That I miss you so

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