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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pure Pleasure

Smitten. I'm all over him. When he comes in, looking so cute and casual, in yet another ATHENS t-shirt (he seems to have an endless supply in varying styles and colors), I want to ravage him. I want his clothes off, and my mouth and hands all over his big, soft body. I want his little black hairs tickling my nose. But I say hi, hug him, kiss him slowly and ask if he'd like a beverage. It's not just about sex with us, so we chill, smoke some weed and he tells me of our city's news on the sofa. Then his arm is out, and I'm nestled in him, and our hands start playing with each other. His fingers trace my arms, palms and shoulders, mine trace his. I brush my face against his, and his hands start touching my face, neck, hair, ears and lips. I look at him, looking down at me, and my skin starts to tingle.

We both awkwardly turn our heads and find the other's lips. All the doubts I always have when getting to know someone new vanish when we kiss. It starts slowly. He never jabs his tongue crudely into my mouth like so many others seem to enjoy doing. We just let our lips dance together. Then I sit up, grab his face, and kiss him deep, flicking my tongue lightly into his mouth, feeling his tongue swirl around it. Arms around his neck tighten, and he squeezes my waist. I moan very lightly, now aroused. A simple hug evokes a myriad of images in my mind: Naked him on top of naked me, grinding slowly together; My nipples in his mouth, cunt rippling below and sliding onto him; Sitting on his face, gauging his reaction by the twitchiness of his cock. 

We kiss for a good while, his hand snaking up and under my shirt, rubbing my bare skin. My foot falls asleep, contorted on the sofa. He rubs it. I finally ask if he'd like to go to my bed. I have cats, and he's allergic, so I suggest he remove most of his clothing, you know, to keep them hair-free. I watch lustfully as he pulls off his shirt. I grin as he unbuckles his belt and removes his pants, shyly. I remove my shirt and we pull back the covers on my bed, recently cleaned solely for his comfort. We lie down and kind of melt into each other's bodies. I slide into his arms, running my hungry hands up and down his wide back. I take my time in smelling his chest, neck, arms and pits. He smells like clean clothes, deodorant and soap. I inhale his scent deeply, not wanting to take for granted future encounters. It's all now.

So we kiss. And kiss and kiss and kiss. I could kiss him for hours, days, weeks. He likes looking at me, and I roll around joyfully in the depth of his eyes. It's all romance until I remove my bra. I unhook it in the back, leaving it for him to pull off. My nipples are in his mouth and I'm done for. Even thinking of it now makes my body weak and my nipples stiff. He licks and sucks them so softly, with the exact right pressure, and for prolonged periods of time. All the while, his beautiful eyes watch mine, making my pussy swell. Perhaps sensing this, he lays down beside me and his hand moves down, gently rubbing my crotch. When I moan softly and kiss his neck, pulling him closer to me, he slips his fingers under my waistband. With a most delicate touch, he teases my thighs and outer lips. I'm not sure if he's fully aware of how swollen I get. His teasing, gentle touch makes me wet and drippy. His fingers venture closer to my middle, with a delicacy I am unaccustomed to with men. I'm opening up for him. He starts to pull my tights off and I reach down to pull both my tights and panties off.

Kissing and kissing and kissing. Those big brown eyes are casting spells. I reach my hand down while his fingers explore my engulfed pussy. I can feel his dick poking through his underwear. It's too much. He plays with my clit, now huge and erect, with barely any pressure, and almost makes me come several times. I let it slip once (quite deliberately) that I like to be teased, and he has apparently taken this to heart. As I rub his throbbing erection, he starts to move his big fingers down. The trail of fluid leads him inside me. "You're so wet" he says, moaning. He starts slowly, with one finger pushing inside. He wiggles it a bit, pushing it in farther, watching and hearing my reactions. He starts to finger me faster when I gasp. He's fucking me with his hand as I clench my muscles around his fingers, as if to remind him of how good it will feel when he slides his hard cock inside. He makes me squeal, moan and I squeeze him closer, with his head buried in my ample chest.

After these furious fingering frenzies, he pulls his wet fingers out of me, running one finger up and down my pussy, teasing my clit with little circles then dipping back inside of me slowly. All the while, kissing my open, wanton lips. He gently places my hands above my head, holds them there, and kisses my face, neck, ears and chest. I need him inside of me. I roll him over on his back and begin kissing his luscious skin every place I can reach. I'm sleepy and not so co-ordinated today, but I do my best to hover above him, kissing his neck first and working my way down to his lovely, strong legs. I greedily inhale his delightful scent.

Then he's on top of me again, pushing his weight down on me, smiling, watching, kissing me everywhere. I spread my legs and wrap them around him, pulling him closer with my thighs. I know he loves this. I can feel his dick twitching when I kiss him deeply and tell him how good he feels. At some point his underwear come off, and we're two soft, naked bodies bumping bits. While I normally don't allow such contact, I reach down and grab his warm, bare erection. I place it on my hard clit, and hug him closer to me. While I kiss his full lips, sweetly, I move my hips against him. His moans make me even wetter and we both start throbbing. When he comes close to slipping in, I grab a condom, roll it on and pull him back on top of me. We kiss a bit longer and my legs open farther to welcome him. He raises himself up. I lick my fingers and reach down, making sure I'm extra wet.

Lying down, legs spread wide, he looks at me as he feels my pussy. Then he slowly, slowly slides his amazing penis inside me, and we both gasp. My skin starts to tingle again, goosebumps ensue. He pushes inside me a few times, deliberately, carefully, not losing eye contact and I feel like I am melting. I reach my arms around his neck and pull him to me. I kiss him, then he thrusts harder inside me, making me moan loudly. Feeling his cock twitch inside me is so sweet. He leans back again, and starts fucking me a bit harder, but not uncomfortably so. I know he'll come fast, so I start humping back until our hips are moving perfectly together. He comes back down, kissing kissing kissing me, eyes on mine, and then I feel his dick expand inside me. He makes no other indication he's having an orgasm. No moan, grunt, cry, gasp, sigh. Nothing. Nada. Only the amazing feeling of his beautiful penis pulsing against my insides.

The story would end there, except he stayed, we played and cuddled, and we both became erect again. He worked his magic on my nipples and soon I was stroking him and whispering in his ear "I want you to fuck me again... slowly" to which my most generous and compliant lover answered "I think that can be arranged". Condom. No teasing this time. I just turn around and bend over. He pushes into me slowly again, and this time we both moan as I squeeze his cock with my pussy. I love slow fucking. I can feel every ripple and vein. I push back against him, not forcefully, rotating my hips slightly. At one point I look back to the mirror next to my bed and see this delicious, thick, caramel young man fucking me exactly how I like. He was looking down at his cock inside of me, mouth open wide in enjoyment, throbbing harder inside me. He sees me looking at him and we both laugh. How nice to get fucked from behind and still have a great view of his gorgeous face. I squeeze my muscles, in and out, which he seems to enjoy. I want him to come, so I start thrusting back harder against him, ahhhhh'ing in ecstasy. As much as I want him to do as I say, to want to give me pleasure, I also crave his dark desires. I want him to have his way with me, to fuck me the way he likes it. But for now, I'm pushing my ass against him, fast and hard now, and he's finally moaning lightly, usually so quiet.

And then I feel the pulsing again, and in that instant wish I had seen it spurt out of him and onto his delectable hairy stomach. We kiss kiss kiss kiss and enjoy the afterglow. 


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