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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Milk and Lemon

A warm head wave and tingles
Precursor to tears
Remembering my original inspiration
To banish you from thought
Or feebly attempt, with words
Unable to wade through
You, of complicated layers
Of money and intimacy
Of soulful stares
Raging passion
Rosewater pudding
Refusing to hear no
English lessons, barriers
Uncovered, pushing in
Control and manipulation lurk
Conspicuously behind beauty and joy
Stroking my face lovingly
Stabbing me thrice
When I let my heart forget
Those times twice
And how I ached
Last night in your warm arms
Holding in tears and swarms
Of deep, father-nanna-fears
Baby, I like you, but...
Eyes deep
Knowing better
Caring less
Longing still for your body
Your kisses
Your conditional love
You who wishes me bald
Black haired and youthful
Me who wants you
Exactly as you are
If only mutual
We are beautiful together
Painful and imbalanced

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