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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arakna (no spider relation)

Your eyelashes curl around my heart
The lightest rain falls through the hole above

Lights flicker as you watch me
Totally perplexing me
Seeing through me
Or so it seems to be
Not sure what I see
Behind those big puppy
Big shiny
Big come-here-and-kiss-me
Deep red brown eyes
Wondering if you will
Hurt me
Try to own me
Love me
Fuck me
Rape me
Betray me
Leave me
Lick me
Roam the city
Discard me
Shame me
Understand me
Open your heart to me
Afraid to wake up in my bed
Not nestled in your chest
In your car
Lost in your eyes
Turkish remixes
Comparing insect wounds
Laughing and Maryjane

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